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Genius hacks for using – and reusing – EnvyPak clear envelopes

Genius hacks for using – and reusing
– EnvyPak clear envelopes

Genius hacks for using - and reusing -- EnvyPak clear envelopes

Do you think much about your environmental footprint? Are you a conscious re-user and recycler?

Reusing, repurposing, and recycling are daily choices you can make every day that just makes sense and over time, can make a big impact on our environment.

That’s why if you’re lucky enough to receive an EnvyPak clear envelope in the mail, and you’ve opened it (of course!), it just makes sense to keep using it. And if you’ve purchased a few for a direct mail campaign or other purpose we’d like to remind you that any remaining stock can be used for creative, smart storage, and organizing purposes.

You’ll notice right away that an EnvyPak is different from other direct mail envelopes. It stands out because it’s clear and it’s very sturdy. You won’t be able to rip this envelope in half. It’s made of an extremely strong, durable, and recyclable material that’s commonly used for archiving and storing paper documents and other everyday household and office items.

It’s likely that as soon as you hold a clear EnvyPak envelope, you already have ideas about what else you could use it for.

Genius hacks for using - and reusing -- EnvyPak clear envelopes

Reusable EnvyPak clear envelopes

EnvyPak clear envelopes are manufactured using inert, protective, and are 100% recyclable.

Matter of fact, it’s so inert that it’s often used for archiving, or when product reuse is needed to decrease material consumption and save energy.

EnvyPak materials have undergone independent laboratory (PAT) Photographic Activity tests to confirm no harmful environmental reactions occur with their use.


Designed with a reduction of materials and package re-use in mind, all EnvyPak products are 100% archival safe and store important material without damaging the contents.

Reusing EnvyPak clear envelopes

Speaking of reuses, perhaps the best reason for reusing EnvyPak clear envelopes for storage is because they’re 100% clear on both sides. You can instantly see whatever you choose to put inside.

Think about what a time saver that can be! If you use a paper envelope for storage, odds are you’ll have to reopen it to remember exactly what you’ve put inside. Even if you label the outside of the envelope, after a few years you probably won’t remember what the “2007 Annual Report” actually looked like, so you’ll still have to open it to view the contents.

With an EnvyPak envelope you can clearly – and quickly – see what’s inside.

This is great news for Envypak reusers. As you know, when you can see it, it’s easier to organize and later locate what’s inside. Plus, you can wipe it clean — so spills aren’t an issue.

There are so many clever, unique ways to use an EnvyPak envelope. We’ll list a few in this post — see what you come up with!

Genius hacks for using - and reusing -- EnvyPak clear envelopes

Store and protect travel documents

We’ve all had that sense of panic when we’re at the airport and we reach down in our bags for our tickets and documents – and can’t find them.

A used EnvyPak envelope is perfect for this.

Here are a few more storage ideas for reusing
EnvyPak envelopes:

  • brochures, posters, postcards, newspapers, magazines
  • events photos/awards/certificates; business training certificates/awards
  • warehouse packing lists, rewards holders,++
  • brochure and literature holder, displays, retail signage,
  • instruction manuals, job instructions
  • trade show materials and display items
  • artwork and ad agency creative work
  • small desk items like paper clips, sticky note pads
  • files for desk storage
  • Affix inside a scrapbook for items, mementos

Storage for home collectibles

People collect all kinds of paper ephemera – photos, posters, postcards, scrapbooking paper and embellishments, old advertisements, concert tickets, record collections. Think of what you have at home that needs some tender loving storage care – it could use an EnvyPak clear envelope.

Archival quality EnvyPak envelopes keep paper goods organized and protected against moisture, fading, and damage over time. That’s why they’re perfect for album cover artwork.

The envelope shown is not adhesive-backed – the resealable tape closes on the outside of the envelope so nothing sticky ever touches the contents.

Genius hacks for using - and reusing -- EnvyPak clear envelopes

Do you see your collectible paper items on our list?

  • bookmarks
  • cigar bands
  • sheet music, concert, and art event brochures
  • tickets of all types
  • political paper – badges, fliers, scarves
  • vintage wrapping paper – bits and pieces or sheets
  • old photos, historical records, maps
  • posters, book pages
  • event programs
  • museum brochures
  • vintage greeting cards and postcards
  • gift bags
  • home improvement layouts and plans
  • magazine clippings and articles
  • coupons

Sturdy and protective auto license and registration holders

Genius hacks for using - and reusing -- EnvyPak clear envelopes

If your glove compartment is like mine, there’s lots of stuff crammed in there. It’s easy to lose sight of what’s really important – especially when you need it. That’s why EnvyPak envelopes are great for keeping your insurance, license, and registration materials separated from your other papers and protected against getting torn, stained, or lost.

Genius hacks for using - and reusing -- EnvyPak clear envelopes

Storage for home/work documents and treasured items

Used EnvyPak envelopes can provide a “new” package for collectibles and other items you use around the home, including:

  • family medical records
  • work contracts, orders, receipts, tax materials
  • marriage licenses, certificates
  • financial documents and insurance policies dolls, blankets, clothing
  • baby’s first outfit and toy
  • scrapbooking paper, rubber stamps, and ink pads; die-cut borders, embellishments, tools, pens
  • vacation mementos – menus, brochures, photos, shells
  • pet memorial items – tags, photos, collars
  • jewelry

Genius hacks for using - and reusing -- EnvyPak clear envelopes

Reuse EnvyPak for classroom items

  • Storage for bulletin board art, numbers, borders
  • Display and protect completed assignments and projects
  • Classroom art projects and supplies – construction paper, markers
  • Storage for worksheets grouped according to subject
  • Workbooks, lesson plans
  • Report cards
  • Student records
  • Sports and academic awards, brochures, photos

In conclusion

All of us can do a better job reusing and repurposing items that come into our homes. Even EnvyPak envelopes have more life once their initial mailing purpose has been fulfilled. Reusing an EnvyPak is one small way we can take responsibility for our “plastic footprint,” and that’s something to feel good about. We’ve given you some good ideas to start with this post. We hope you’ll have fun discovering more creative ways to reuse your EnvyPak clear poly envelopes.

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