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CLEAR ENVELOPES – Elegant, interactive envelopes that look and feel like they must be opened

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About Our Award-Winning Clear Envelopes

Our crystal clear-envelopes and mailers offer creative solutions for direct mail in cost-effective and versatile configurations. Add an extra dimension to your mailer and watch the responses come flying in. Our envelopes are now available in-stock shapes and sizes or can be made completely custom. The key to any successful mailing campaign is to get a high response rate. Grabbing attention and engaging the recipient is the first step to getting a response. EnvyPak envelopes are specifically designed to enhance the contents and compel the customer to open your envelope. Expect to pay more for a poly envelope; however, the comparison is not one-to-one. The best impression and response rate allow EnvyPak a superior value add.

  • Premium clear poly adds a unique look and feel to any mailing
  • Popular sizes such as Commercial 9″ x 4″, Catalog 9″ x 12″, and 6″ x 9″ always in stock
  • Compatible with a wide variety of insertion equipment
  • Open end, side, and bottom weld construction
  • Peel & seal, re-sealable, ungummed, (wafer seal or hot melt seal at insertion)


Crystal Clear & Printed Clear Interactive Envelopes

Trusted by the World’s most recognized brands to drive customer engagement!

Printed EnvyPaks create a unique customer experience and the best direct marketing return for the money. Call today to learn how your Brand can benefit from customer touches and interaction. Used by major luxury car brands, banks, retailers, pharma, cable and internet providers, cellular phone companies, investment services, high-end real estate, and many more luxury brands.

Interactive print can transform your project from a mail piece into a conversation piece. Truly clever
print artwork will compel recipients to eagerly open your mail the moment they see it. Vibrant full-color printing on clear envelopes is available for direct mail pieces that will generate a higher response rate from customers: giving you the freedom to create packaging with private labeling that will be remembered. Any EnvyPak product can be custom printed up to ten colors including a PMS match.

  • Printed on-site for maximum efficiency, convenience, and savings
  • PMS matched spot printing and 4-color process printing (and any color ink)
  • Dramatic interactive effects have proven to boost response rates


Automated Insertion-Compatible

EnvyPak clear envelopes were designed with automation in mind. We’ll help you select an envelope that works seamlessly with your insertion equipment.

  • Works with equipment from major manufacturers like Pitney-Bowes and Bell & Howell
  • Available in partnership with letter shops nationwide
  • Similarly compatible with automated addressing equipment

Clear Envelope Features

  • Full-Color Printing – one color to full-color graphics (up to 10 colors) can be printed directly onto our poly envelopes creating one of a kind envelope and insert interactions
  • Automation Capabilities – auto-insertable using equipment from Pitney-Bowes, Bell & Howell, and more. EnvyPak envelopes can be designed to be fully automatable working with nearly all fulfillment equipment. Call for a free test drive at 877-835-3052
  • Our mailers are made with USPS-approved materials which will provide you with the confidence and security that your contents with being protected and delivered safely. USPS Approved Materials click here.
  • Custom Shapes, Sizes, and Designs – allows us to create custom envelopes that detail the engineering not often seen with mail pieces.
  • Recyclable – 100% recyclable
  • Closure options – Available in 4 different formats: permanent or resealable tape, tuck flap, or flap without tape.
  • Unique Weld Technology – Our welds are durable and strong, providing an unlimited array of poly and poly/paper products.
  • Variety of sizes – sized for everything from 2″ x 3″ up to 22″ x 14″

Durable  •  Heat Resistant  •  Water Resistant  •  Printable  •  Lightweight  •  Recyclable


Customization Options

Our products are always in stock in our most popular configurations – but if you need something special, we’re the manufacturers who can make your vision a reality. EnvyPak works with you to design and manufacture custom clear polypropylene envelopes and mailers allowing for thousands of different application options. All custom clear polypropylene envelopes are durable and versatile with your recipient’s best experience in mind. These envelopes are considered environmentally friendly because of the recyclable polypropylene materials used to produce this product. All envelopes and mailers are made of crystal clear polypropylene with options for custom print decoration directly on the envelope or mailer. These envelopes and mailers can be produced with one or more additional pockets to mail or store various items in separate compartments. The unique ability to work with our customers in partnership with our design and production staff allows for results-driven performance.

clear envelopes
Loyalty Campaigns • Fund Raising • Product Launches • Promotional Advertising

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