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Our crystal clear envelopes and mailers offer creative solutions for direct mail in cost-effective and versatile configurations.


Our mailers are made with USPS-approved materials which will provide you with the confidence and security that your contents will be protected and delivered safely.


Easy and economical custom manufacturing to get exactly the product configuration that you need with size, material, and closure style. All EnvyPak products can be printed with high-quality graphics to maximize the impact of your direct mail.


Sized for EVERYTHING as little as 2” x 3” up to 22” x 14”.


EnvyPak envelopes can be designed to be fully automatable and work with nearly all fulfillment equipment.


All envelopes and mailers are made from 100% recyclable polypropylene and are also available with a biodegradable composition.


All EnvyPak envelopes and mailers are proudly made in the USA.

Why choose EnvyPak?

The key to a successful mailing campaign is to get a good response rate. Getting the recipient’s attention is the first step to getting a response. EnvyPaks, by design, are made to enhance the contents and compel the customer to open the envelope.

Is the EnvyPak poly envelope USPS approved?

All EnvyPak envelopes are made of USPS-approved materials. There are specific requirements for USPS automation letter rates which are available here: https://www.envypak.com/usps-envypak-rulings/

Are EnvyPak envelopes auto-insertable? Can I test some?

Our envelopes are auto-insertable in a number of sizes and material thicknesses. Our customers have had great success with a wide variety of machines. Test kits are available for you to try upon request.

What is the price difference between paper envelopes and EnvyPak poly envelopes?

You can expect to pay more for a poly envelope but the comparison isn’t 1:1. The impression and the response rate give the EnvyPak a superior added value. Our repeat customers have shown that the increased response is worth the added cost.

Is polypropylene really eco-friendly? Are biodegradable material options available?

Polypropylene (#5) is 100% recyclable but is dependent on local areas to accept the material for recycling. For a facility near you, visit www.earth911.com. Biodegradable polypropylene is available and is recognized as a fully recyclable #5 plastic.

Can EnvyPak envelopes be inkjet printed?

Solvent-based inks and UV ink imprinting will all work. Water-based inks will not.

What are the closure options for an EnvyPak?

Peel and stick tape, resealable tape, wafer seals, fugitive glue and hot melt are all options. Peel and stick tape or glue are required for automation letter rates. Click here for USPS automation glue seal requirements: https://www.envypak.com/glue-seal-specifications/

How many colors can be printed on an EnvyPak?

Up to 10 colors in total can be printed. This includes process, special match, and metallic inks.

What are the size and thickness ranges for an EnvyPak?

EnvyPak ranges from 2″ x 3″ to 15″ x 22″. The material thickness ranges from 2-6 mils. Please note that specific designs for specific applications may alter those limits.

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