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Outstanding product presentation with an interactive appealing design. Attention to sustainability and long-term
storage of finished product. Materials choice options that reduce package footprint, recycle and re-purpose.

Packing List Envelopes

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RETAIL PACKAGING – Hanging retail display pockets are typically used to hold products or literature at the point of sale. Stock options are crystal clear providing visibility from both sides is a huge benefit. These retail hanging pockets are available with single or multiple-hole options. Choices include options for slat wall hardware, looped plastic, hooks, peg board, and more.: Read more

CUSTOM CONFIGURATIONS – Custom configurations in flexible packaging enable the specifier the ability to work hand in hand with EnvyPak to design and produce packaging solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements and preferences of the customer. Flexible packaging typically involves using materials like plastic films & paper, or a combination of these to create pouches, envelopes, wraps, or pockets. The flexibility of these materials allows for various customization options, including: Read more

CUSTOM POUCHES – EnvyPak’s flexible packaging offers several advantages for specifiers, manufacturers, and consumers. Here are some key benefits: Branding and Marketing: Our custom flexible packaging allows manufacturers to create unique and eye-catching designs that help their products stand out on the shelves. Read more

PRIVATE LABEL – – Advantages of private label flexible packaging include: Branding: Private labeling allows retailers to build and promote their brand identity through unique and personalized packaging designs. Read more

BIND-IN – A “bind-in flexible pocket” for publications refers to a type of pocket or enclosure that is attached to a publication (such as a magazine, catalog, or brochure) and allows for the inclusion of additional materials or inserts. These pockets are typically made of a flexible material, such as plastic or paper, and are designed to hold and protect the inserted items securely. Read more

PACKING LISTS – Designing and printing custom shipping packing list pockets with EnvyPak can be a great way to add a professional touch to your shipments and improve organization. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you create them: Define Requirements: Determine the specific requirements for your packing list pockets. Consider the size, material, adhesive type, and any other features you may want to include, such as branding elements or special instructions.
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Our products are always in stock in our most popular configurations – but if you need something special, we’re the manufacturers who can make your vision a reality. We love creating purpose-built packaging; if other manufacturers have dissuaded you, we can do better. Any order of 50,000 pieces or more can be developed with your own custom dimensions as small as 2″ x 3″ and as large as 22″ x 15″.

Bring us your product and we’ll show you an easy, cost-effective way to get that product packaged and ready for distribution. Contact us to find out whether we can make a sleeve or pouch to fit your product.