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Seeing is Believing

Interactive Envelope and Content
Appeal to your Emotions!

Clear EnvyPak envelopes
allow targeted direct mail to speak before it’s opened

Today’s direct mail leverages data and insights to maximize response.
EnvyPak clear envelopes allow your targeted content to speak!


✓ Reduce postage and instantly increase ROI
✓ No surcharges
✓ Crystal clear 4.5 mil USPS approved poly
✓ Biodegradable Options Available
clear envelopes

Flexible Specialty Packaging Perfect for Luxury Brands

Outstanding product presentation with an interactive appealing design
Attention to sustainability and long term storage of finished product
Materials choice options that reduce package footprint, recycle and re-purpose


✓ Flexible Retail Packaging
✓ Pockets with Flaps
✓ Clear Document Holders
✓ Bind-In Packaging
✓ Industry-Specific Packaging
✓ Private-Label Packaging

Specialty Packaging

EnvyPak is an Ohio-based manufacturer of clear envelopes and clear plastic products that make an everyday impact in dozens of industries worldwide.

Whether your business has to get noticed, get ahead of the competition, or just get put together, we strive to help you along with our suite of clear, brandable, outstanding-quality products made in the USA. Our products fall into the following broad categories, with endless variations and applications:

Clear Mailing Envelopes

  • Custom shapes, sizes & designs
  • USPS-approved polypropylene
  • Auto-insertable
  • Creative interaction printing
  • Bio-plastic mailers

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Clear Specialty Packaging

  • Packing list envelopes
  • Retail packaging
  • Medical packaging
  • Industrial packaging
  • Hospitality packaging

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Clear Office Products

  • Page protectors
  • Name badge holders
  • Adhesive pockets
  • Archival storage
  • Bind-in products

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EnvyPak Stacking

— How We Got Here —

Serial entrepreneur and renowned inventor Ross Youngs launched the EnvyPak brand in 2003. His experience with sustainable, protective packaging with Univenture gave him the insights to develop a high performing sleeve with endless applications.
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clear envelopes

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