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EnvyPak was a vision conceived by a desperate need to have a better technology for manufacturing clear plastic pages, pockets and envelopes while providing the best looking products in the marketplace.

Research started in 1998 at Univenture, Inc. We invented a clearly better crystal clear flexible high performance, polypropylene envelope.

  •  The product must lay flat, look, feel, and structurally be the best in the marketplace
  • The print quality must provide high-quality graphics at competitive pricing
  • Archival plastic based for protection of materials contained
  • The product must meet or exceed the diverse needs and expectations of customers

EnvyPak launched in 2003 after 5 years and several million dollars of technological research and development by a team of specialists.

Why Us???

EnvyPak invented a 10x better clear flexible high-performing plastic envelope that only we can manufacture. Our products are manufactured using proprietary manufacturing equipment and processes by 7 layers of trade secrets – Dark Weld™ This technology creates a final product that is better and stronger than any existing technology, delivering a better look and performance.

EnvyPak’s tough, beautiful envelopes get opened.

Direct Mail is thriving! Is yours??? Join the revolution!


16710 Square Drive, Marysville, Ohio 43040

EnvyPak Corporate Office

Corporate Office:
4266 Tuller Road, Dublin, Ohio 43017

As an Envelope

The results have been outstanding for brands focused on high-value products marketed with direct mail. The unique clear envelopes prove a platform for customer interaction that delivers the highest open and response rates. The initial technical requirement for the product to “lay flat” has facilitated the automated assembly in mail and print houses nationwide, allowing the efficient processing of millions of clear envelopes.

As a Package

EnvyPak took center stage as an alternative packaging technology when a demanding application utilizing bio-based poly as a packaging material for the DVD “An Inconvenient Truth” was needed. The customer spent months of research trying to find an assembly method without any success; EnvyPak proved to be the best solution after just one short test. The EnvyPak product and technology have offered multiple solutions to typical and challenging packaging applications while exceeding customer expectations.

As a Product

EnvyPak has created a vast number of stock and custom products for the school, home & office marketplace and the associated distribution channels. Whether branded under its own name or private labeled, EnvyPak offers a range of US-made products for an ever-discerning customer base.

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