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Custom Envelopes

Interactive Clear Envelopes and Mailers

Interactive Clear Envelopes / Mailers

Interactive envelopes and mailers are a form of art in itself that involves the recipient in a way that allows the envelope or mailer to achieve its purpose. These types of interactions achieve higher response rates by letting the user interface and participate in the messaging while influencing the course of response. EnvyPak has unlimited capabilities to help with the creation of envelope and mailer designs that work to enhance messaging through interactive experiences.

Automation Letter Rate Envelopes

Automation Letter Rate Envelopes

Available with a print that can interact with contents while meeting USPS requirements for automation. Direct mail is ALL about the envelope. Studies show your direct mail piece either makes an impression within 3 seconds or ends up in the recycle bin. Drive response with a unique, truly compelling printed EnvyPak envelope.

USPS/ALR Guidelines

three-pocket clear envelope

Pocketed Clear Envelopes

EnvyPak designs and manufactures custom clear polypropylene pocketed envelopes and mailers for thousands of different applications. These custom clear polypropylene pockets are durable, versatile, and reusable. They are considered environmentally friendly because of the material used to produce this product and their reusability. Polypropylene envelopes and mailers are made of crystal clear polypropylene with options for custom print decoration directly on the envelope or mailer. These envelopes and mailers can be produced with one, or more protective pockets to mail or store various items in separate compartments.

Bind In

Custom Bind-In Pockets

The most innovative and cost-effective way to add items to your publications! Keep important items with your publications for safekeeping. Branding is always key when it comes to featuring your company. Why not add custom print to the clear pocket and/or instructions printed on the reverse side?

EnvyPak Insight

EnvyPak Insight™

EnvyPak Insight’s patent pending full window paper envelope has received USPS automation letter postage rate approval. Designed with automation in mind, EnvyPak Insight includes moisture-activated flaps and is mail insertion and processing proven and compatible.

Made in the USA with PET and sustainable paper EnvyPak Insight™ is 100% recyclable. Its zero-trim manufacturing design minimizes material scrap making it more environmentally responsible than die-cut, fold, and seal envelopes.

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