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USPS EnvyPak Rulings


ALR – Automation Letter Rate

ALR (Automation Letter Rate) Print Requirements:

USPS requires print on the leading and trailing edges of the envelope to trigger sorting sensors.

ALR (Automation Letter Rate) Print Requirements

Edges can be printed on either or both sides of the envelope.

As the insert shifts from left to right the print must prevent a clear gap from occurring. A clear gap occurs when one can see through one side of the envelope and out the other.

Any print that prevents a clear gap can be compliant. Contact your sales representative for more creative approaches to meeting USPS requirements.

Standard EnvyPak envelopes often fall under DMM poly wrap guidelines. The material (not the envelope) is approved as a poly wrap.

EnvyPak ALR (automation letter) envelope guidelines do not fall within the DMM. DMM section 201.2.1 states “a letter-size piece is nonmachinable if it has an exterior surface that is not made of paper.” USPS issued an EnvyPak ALR-specific approval letter which overrides 201.2.1. The approval letter and a sample piece MUST be presented to Business Mail Entry (BME) acceptance personnel to pre-verify and drop mail.

Our products are specifically designed to be either manually or machine inserted and are regularly used on automatic insertion equipment at leading mail houses. Machines include Pitney Bowes Flowmaster, and Bowe Bell-Howell Mailmaster as well as custom-made machines.

USPS Automation Approved Glue Seal Specs

Option One: (5) 1″ glue lines equally distributed along the length of the flap ending within .25″ of the leading edge, trailing edge, and bottom edge of the flap

USPS Automation Approved Glue Seal Specs

Option Two: (1) continuous glue line within .25″ of the leading edge, trailing edge, and bottom edge of the flap

USPS Automation Approved Glue Seal Specs

Glue sealed mail pieces that do not meet the above specifications will not qualify for automation letter postage

USPS Approved Wafer Seal Specs

Additionally, mailpieces that weigh one ounce or less, are permitted to have the flap secured with three one-inch wafer seals made of no less than 2.0 mil thick clear polypropylene.

The wafers must be placed as follows:

one wafer no less than 0.25″ away from the left edge of the envelope, one wafer in the center of the flap, and one wafer no less than 0.25″ away from the right edge.

Wafer Seal

EnvyPak Insight™ Envelopes

The “EnvyPak Insight Paper/PET Envelope” includes a letter-size hybrid envelope made of paper on the addressed side and clear plastic on the non-addressed side. The envelope measures 9.75″ long by 6.125″ high. The plastic is a 1.2 mil clear full window with a coefficient of friction modifier to enhance USPS automation. The sample envelope is paper on the addressed side.

The back of the envelope is the clear plastic material with a 1″ wide paper flap on the bottom edge. The sample displays an address, an Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb), and a permit imprint indicia that is printed on the paper side of the envelope. The sample contains a blank 8.125″ by 11″ cardstock sheet folded in half. The sample weighs 0.08 ounces. Since your mailpiece meets the requirements below, they are eligible for automation letter prices. At this time, ancillary endorsements are not permitted. 

USPS Specifications Envelopes

What does “Clear Gap” mean?

  • A clear gap occurs when it is possible to see straight through both sides of the sealed envelope
  • When the insert shifts left to right inside the envelope a clear gap occurs if the leading and trailing edges are
    clear/unprinted on both sides of the envelope.

Why is the 11/16″ paper strip required at the bottom of the EnvyPak?

  • This paper strip is required so the USPS can inkjet a new barcode on this strip in the event that the address label IMB cannot
    be scanned during USPS sorting.

Is the EnvyPak machine insertable?

  • Yes, most letter shops can machine insert EnvyPak envelopes. Free test kits are available upon request.
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