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Travel Document Holders

Travel Document Holders for Organizing Documents

Workstation paper-clutter could cause hindrance in project completion or obtaining your professional goal. Therefore, the organization of files, reports, loose pages, and day-to-day papers is important to concentrate fully on your on-going projects. EnvyPak has resolved the issue of handling excessive paperwork by manufacturing travel document holders having two pockets spacious enough to hold up to 40 pages each. These holders provide space and convenience to carry documents to meetings and to official outdoor campaigns. The 100% recyclable, archival-safe, and  polypropylene made holders can be ordered in bulk quantity so that these holders can be distributed among the employees for document organization. Every office desk should have these holders to help stay organized year round.

EnvyPak high-quality holders offer you the extreme flexibility to add reports, presentations, loose paper, and media kits. These holders promise high visibility of content inside. They are easy to customize as only a printed page or picture is required to slip inside the pocket and it will appear clearly visible from the outside. A custom printed logo and other graphics can also be printed on the front and back cover of these holders.

The durable design saves and holds the papers inside and secures them from accidental spills and tearing. The high-value and cost-effective holders can become the perfect report covers as the poly construction adds a professional look to your documents. The additional information that is required to be submitted along with the report can be added to the top-loading pockets. These pockets hold the and save them from falling out of the holders. Swift and easy insertion of papers keep the documents straight.

For standard and legal size documents, EnvyPak offers standard size plastic folders, clear poly folders for brochures, half size clear poly folders, and legal size clear poly folders. Small and large booklets, flyers, leaflets, credentials, brochures, and mini catalogs are protected from harmful components, weather effects, spills, cuts, and tears when saved inside the quality poly holder. The flexibility provided in terms of capacity and dimensions makes these holders ideal for every industry. Schools, offices, institutes, and retail are some of the common places where quality holders are required to hold and protect important documents.

Promotional campaigns, marketing events, and such activities are made successful with the usage of document holders as they are printed according to the demands and terms defined by companies/brands. These holders are an effective way of conveying a strong brand message to the customers through the custom printing of images and brief content. EnvyPak helps you add value to your documents and to promotional presentations you’d want to share with your clients and customers by offering top-quality polypropylene holders.

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