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Case Study: Automotive End-of-Lease Direct Mail Program
The Challenge

It’s much easier to retain existing customers than it is to convert new prospects. That’s no secret and it holds true for automotive manufacturers.

In 2018 a top manufacturer sought to increase lease consumer loyalty. Testing revealed personalized communications are key. The manufacturer’s agency sought a premium direct mail solution to communicate custom-tailored lease-end incentives, deadlines, and next steps. Striking images of the newer, better version of the customer’s current vehicle model and color would be instantly visible at the mailbox.

A variable printed envelope was not a viable option as dozens of versions would be required. Additionally, printed envelopes could become outdated very quickly as model years change. Clear polybags are not machine insertable, would increase postage, and did not provide a premium look and feel to match branding standards.

A self-mailer with variable print could accomplish their goals. That said, the mailer would not arrive in pristine condition due to the wear and tear of the postal stream. Fugitive glue or wafer seals are required to seal self-mailers which did not match branding standards.

The Approach
In December of 2018 the agency tested EnvyPak’s crystal clear ALR (automation letter rate) envelopes. EnvyPak’s 4.5 mil double polished polypropylene has a high-end look and feel. It was specifically designed to withstand the demands of USPS automated processing.

The Results
EnvyPak clear envelopes were the perfect solution. The newer, better version of the customer’s current model and color were printed on the insert and instantly visible at the mailbox. EnvyPak’s crystal clear, double polished poly enhances insert graphics.

Multiple envelope versions are not required which simplified program logistics. Additionally, they are able to test different versions and change messaging on a weekly basis. The overall approach could be modified quickly during times of rapid change like the recent pandemic.

EnvyPak is the only machine insertable crystal clear envelope. Machine inserting provides scalability during peak times and reduces production costs substantially.

The manufacturer has mailed nearly 4 million EnvyPak envelopes over a 3-year period. The program is ongoing with plans to continue indefinitely.

Case History: Unique Acquisition Envelopes
The Challenge

A residential services company relied heavily on direct mail for new customer acquisitions. Their creative team was in search of unique envelopes for an ambitious concept – mail from the future to promote long-term rate locks.

Many unique envelope solutions would have doubled postage and were not machine insertable. Controlling fulfillment costs and speed to market were both crucial to a successful program.

The Approach
In November of 2018, EnvyPak presented two ALR (automation letter approved) concepts for a January 2019 test mailing. EnvyPak ALR is the only non-paper envelope that is USPS approved for automation

Touch one – Statement from the Future.
The acquisition envelope featured heavy metallic print coverage for a unique, futuristic look. Copy on the acquisition envelope stated, “Your January 2022 Statement is Enclosed.” The enclosed single-page letter was dated January 2022, congratulating the consumer on a good choice to lock in at low rates 3 years prior.
Touch two – A Transparent Offer.
EnvyPak presented their stocked clear ALR envelope format. Insert copy was visible through the envelope and stated “Introducing a truly transparent” offer.
The Results
Both test concepts were wildly successful with very high open rates. They clearly stood out in the mailbox over the former control package. Automated fulfillment and automation letter postage both minimized the production costs which were key in driving ROI. Additionally, insert content costs were reduced vs the previous control.
Ahead of the 2020 pandemic the client alternated mailing millions of clear and metallic printed EnvyPak ALR envelopes. They continued to see high response rates. New subscribers were long-term, high-value acquisitions.

EnvyPak ALR for Acquisitions
The Challenge
A distributor relied heavily on direct mail for new customer acquisitions. Their #10 control package featured a large clear window patch. Results tied to various traditional test mailings
did not yield higher ROI so they began searching for a solution with a highly unique look and feel. Due to budget constraints, automation letter postage was a necessity.
The Approach
The client tested over 300,000 EnvyPak ALR (Automation Letter Rate) mailers at the end of Q3 2018. The mailer was designed to have a very official yet mysterious look to create intrigue. Custom graphics added to EnvyPak ALR’s unique look and feel resulting in a one-of-a-kind mailer.
The Results
The EnvyPak test mailer doubled previous response rates.
While the EnvyPak envelope was more expensive than the previous control the increased response more than offset additional costs for a significant increase in ROI. A second, identical test mailing produced nearly identical results.
The EnvyPak ALR mailer is now the client’s monthly control package and has resulted in a substantial increase in 1st-time customers who are highly likely to become repeat buyers.

Telecommunications: Acquisitions & Trigger Based Mailings
The Challenge
A multi-service telecommunications corporation sought to increase response for acquisition mailings. Results tied to targeted postcard mailings were no longer acceptable
The Approach
In September of 2014, the client ordered 225,000 EnvyPak mailers. They tested the control postcard vs that very same postcard inside of the clear unprinted EnvyPak. EnvyPak is curbside recyclable which met standards for a corporate “Green” initiative.
The EnvyPak test package was machine inserted to meet a demanding production schedule. That said, the EnvyPak option cost significantly more than the simple postcard. At that time EnvyPak did not have USPS Automation Letter approvals.
The Results
The EnvyPak package produced a significant lift in response in comparison to the control postcard. Additional costs were offset and overall ROI increased significantly.
By January of 2015 weekly postcard mailings had been completely phased out and replaced with the EnvyPak mailer. Additionally, the client conducted a successful test for a trigger-based program and transitioned it to EnvyPak. Both programs continued until August of 2016.
10,043,000 EnvyPak packages were mailed over the 23 month period. During that time EnvyPak continually delivered a higher ROI than every other mailer that was tested, even those that mailed at a much lower postal rate. In 2018 specific EnvyPak formats were approved for automation letter postage.

Leveraging Variable Data
The Challenge
An auto manufacturer challenged their marketing production partner to find a solution that would generate a lift in direct mail response rates. To meet this lofty goal, the production company needed a cost-effective way to leverage variable data.
The company had made past attempts using variable printed paper envelope mailings. However, these were costly and personalization was challenging. Another ongoing issue with this program was waste. The printed paper envelopes became outdated as new model years were released, and any remaining stock had to be destroyed.
The Approach
In Q2 2016 the client tested 150,000 EnvyPak envelopes. The insert featured variable print information that was relevant to each consumer and visible through EnvyPak’s clear polypropylene. The poly envelopes were machine inserted to meet a demanding production schedule.
The Results
The EnvyPak poly envelope mailing resulted in an increased ROI, compared with the company’s previous paper envelope control packages. Variable images and copy, including dealer information, were printed on the insert – instead of a paper envelope – and visible through the clear polypropylene. This resulted in stand-out, relevant direct mail.
The EnvyPak mailer is now the client’s control package and mails bi-monthly. To date, nearly six million pieces have been mailed. The client has gained additional savings by purchasing larger quantities of EnvyPak envelopes at lower, per/piece costs. Because they eliminated pre-printed paper envelopes, multiple mailings throughout the year are now possible. The marketing production partner has since successfully introduced EnvyPak to three additional clients that fall within a variety of vertical markets.

New Customer Acquisitions
The Challenge
A national financial institution sought to increase the ROI for its credit card acquisition mailings. Traditional direct mail packages were no longer yielding desired results.
The Approach
In Q1 2015 the client tested an EnvyPak mailer against their traditional control package. The mailer was designed so that print on the crystal clear EnvyPak envelope would allow contents to show through unprinted areas. This created a dimensional, interactive effect to maximize impact. Production costs were minimized by machine inserting this unique polypropylene envelope.
The Results
The initial test mailing of 230,000 pieces resulted in an increase in ROI over their previous paper envelope control package. Currently, the EnvyPak mailer is one of two alternating control packages.

The client has mailed nearly six million EnvyPak mailers over the past three-and-a-half years and has additional EnvyPak mailings planned. They continue to see higher response rates and ROI when compared to a variety of test packages mailed over this time period, including a full-window paper envelope with identical graphics.

A Catalog Mailing In Peril
The Challenge
A fine art distributor found catalog mailings to be an essential source of revenue. Their high-end catalog featured items ranging from $300 to over $300,000. Because the distributor’s per-catalog production cost was $20, it was essential that the mailing was problem-free.
The distributor struggled for years to find a mailing solution that not only could support the brand’s upscale image but allow the catalog to process efficiently through the mail stream and arrive to the consumer in pristine condition.
The distributor considered Tyvek envelopes, but they didn’t match the brand’s image. Paper, polypropylene bag, and overwrap solutions were destroyed in the mail stream. The dismaying results were that the addressed slip sheet was often delivered without the catalog, damaging the brand’s reputation and costing the company revenue.
The Approach
In late 2017 the distributor’s printer teamed up with EnvyPak to design a clear poly envelope to meet client expectations. The envelope featured striking cover graphics designed to show through EnvyPak’s clear polished polypropylene. This EnvyPak custom-designed envelope featured heavy-duty side seams and an elongated, double-scored flap that wrapped around the catalog spine.

The Results
The distributor was thrilled because the Q1 2018 catalog mailing was a tremendous success.

Not a single catalog was reported damaged. Not only did EnvyPak’s polished clear polypropylene withstand mailstream demands, its high-impact, dynamic cover graphics enhanced and supported the brand’s image.
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