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2 smart packaging solutions using clear envelopes

2 smart packaging solutions using clear envelopes

There are many reasons to choose crystal clear EnvyPak polypropylene envelopes for direct mail.
Clear polypropylene envelopes maximize your message because recipients can see and interact with your offer.

It’s just hard to resist opening a mailer that looks and feels so completely different. And results with our clients have proven that polypropylene envelopes outperform their stodgy paper counterparts.

But here’s a new idea you should consider. Did you know our clear polypropylene envelopes
make practical yet imaginative packages and protective coverings, too?

The magical qualities of clear polypropylene

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, here’s a refresher on the magic of EnvyPak clear polypropylene envelopes.

First of all, EnvyPak envelopes are not sheet-fed and sealed plastic bags or thin sleeves.

EnvyPak clear envelopes are fully constructed envelopes that are made using a proprietary process called darkweld to be 100% clear on all sides and constructed from extremely durable 4.5 mil polypropylene.

  • They can be closed using a peel and stick strip, or they can be made re-sealable. Clear envelopes without adhesive can be wafer sealed on hot-melt sealed at the time of insertion.
  • EnvyPak clear envelopes can be custom printed using up to eight colors. Imagine the creative possibilities.

packaging solutions using clear envelopes

An EnvyPak® envelope customized with 3 pockets used as packaging.

Our specialty packaging, customized your way

As a package, here’s how clear poly really excels.

  • It can be made in just about any shape, size, color, and thickness you need it to be.
  • Paired with an adhesive, a clear polypropylene envelope can be affixed to just about any surface to serve as a “holder” type package.
  • It can be free-standing or can hang from a retail display shelf or be attached to another product.

“There are virtually unlimited ways for clear EnvyPak envelopes to be reimagined as a package,”
said Michele Cole, President of EnvyPak.

Let’s get into the specifics and learn how to use EnvyPak envelopes for packaging that is purposeful, protective, and recyclable.

Case study #1 Automotive Industry

A practical and creative use of a clear envelope

The challenge

A printing client approached Envypak about helping them solve a problem for a national online auto sales company. How could they produce protective covering for temporary license tag holders?

The package needed to solve several issues. It had to protect the tag from damage due to rain, salt, dirt, and the elements. It must not disintegrate, rip or tear during use. Plus, the ideal package should be durable enough to last the entire time that the temporary tag was in use (up to 90 days).

We rolled up our sleeves and got to work designing a package that would fit and protect the paper license tag, keep it in place, and still allow important information to be seen.

packaging solutions using clear envelopes

The solution

A sturdy, durable 3.5 mil EnvyPak clear envelope was reimagined with three adhesive strips to fill all the customer’s requirements. Its water-resistance polypropylene construction proved the perfect solution to protect the paper license tag contents. Adding three strips of tape made the package tamper-resistant and kept it securely in place.

packaging solutions using clear envelopes

packaging solutions using clear envelopes


The automotive client has ordered two million EnvyPak tag holders over four years. In addition to fulfilling its purpose as a protective package, the tag holder fulfills its role as a brand booster. It acts as the “final touch” in the car purchasing process that shows the client has done something meaningful – even in this small way — for their customers.

Tip: More ways to use adhesive pockets

Although the idea above was sized for a license tag, there’s so much an adhesive pocket can be used for. Use it to affix important documents of any kind to a surface. Get creative and add it to files, notebooks, binders, retail shelves, and shipping boxes.

packaging solutions using clear envelopes

packaging solutions using clear envelopes

Practically any item – files, folders, boxes, and organizers – can be enhanced by adding an adhesive pocket or sleeve. All products in this line use an acrylic-based adhesive with a high tack level to guarantee a permanent placement.

Case Study #2 Large National Retailer

Innovative retail packaging with a clear document holder

The Challenge

A large big-box retailer offers a premium add-on program with benefits including installation, technical support, and extended warranties. The program is essential to profitability. Historically, enrollments consistently fell short of quarterly goals.

The retailer sought a solution to affix program information to nearly every electronic product sold. Placing their support and warranty information prominently, getting it seen and reacted to was crucial for success. Branding standards for the retailer also required that the “holder” have a high-end look and feel.

The Solution

In June of 2018 EnvyPak designed a custom crystal clear polypropylene document holder for automated fulfillment. The design included a 2” wide peel and stick tape for affixing to product boxes.

A lettershop machine-inserted a tri-fold brochure and 3 slip sheets, at high speed, into the EnvyPak clear poly holder. The fulfilled EnvyPak document holders were then shipped to individual stores and were affixed to product boxes as inventory was received.

packaging solutions using clear envelopes

The content is shown for demonstration purposes only.


The retailer saw an immediate, significant lift in program enrollments. EnvyPak’s recyclable double polished clear 4.5 mil polypropylene provides durability to withstand warehousing demands. It also has the high-end look and feel necessary to meet branding standards.

  • Automated document insertion allowed the retailer to minimize costs while providing scalability during peak times of the year.
  • Over an initial 29-month period the retailer has purchased well over 7.5 million document holders with plans to continue the program indefinitely.

Tip: Customizing a document holder

EnvyPak’s polypropylene has a wider temperature range and is resistant to chemical attack so holders and packages achieve archival quality and a superior storage option.

Our clients have used envelopes and document holders for a variety of products – medical gloves, violin bowstrings, cosmetics, and tourism CDs. An EnvyPak clear poly holder can be as colorful and decorative as your imagination allows.

packaging solutions using clear envelopes

As you can see from our examples above, you can print your custom design directly on clear document holders. Printing on the package saves having to print an additional insert just for an address. Plus, the printed package can serve as permanent storage for the product.

You can customize an EnvyPak in other ways, too:

  • Choose your weight- from a flexible yet sturdy 3.5 mil to a heavy-duty 4.5 mil thickness
  • Choose from many sizes and shapes of holders and envelopes
  • Add inside pockets to your item
  • Add a logo or go for full-color print to add some flair and draw attention to your package

Ready to start your own EnvyPak success story?

From development to delivery, EnvyPak has a full suite of optional services to give your mailing or packaging product the “wow” factor it needs to succeed. We’ll work with you, from the early stages of the design concept, all the way to the development of your packaging project.

And if you need us for labeling, inserting, and mailing, we can help there, too.

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