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#10 Brochure/Letter Envelope

A #10 Brochure/Letter Envelope is commonly known as direct mail envelope. This envelope is 4.125 inches high and its width is 9.5 inches which make it a standard size envelope considered ideal for mailing purpose. There are many envelopes used in the mailing service that fall into the category of #10 Brochure/Letter Envelope including side seam, wallet, policy, commercial flap, and window flap envelope. These envelopes are a great way to secure your papers for mailing until they reach to a defined destination.

Letter Envelope

A Letter Envelope can be used to mail brochures, letters, photos, artwork, greetings, invitations, and more. This clear polypropylene envelope can easily hold a brochure and folded letter of 8.5 x 11 inches and does not get torn during its journey to the desired destination. These envelopes come with a stick adhesive closure and have a permanent peel that keeps the letters and papers inside and saves them from falling out. The convenient  opening of the envelope helps add and remove brochures and letters without any effort.

Crystal clear envelopes are made from poly which is USPS approved and guarantees the protection of the papers put inside these envelopes. A #10 Brochure/Letter Envelope can also be labeled for a promotional purpose along with serving the purpose of saving the letters inside. The clear envelopes make the content visible and increase the probability of sales as customers instantly find what they look for due to high visibility. A brochure or photo wrapped inside clear envelopes can easily be approached by the customers compared to products with no visibility.

#10 Brochure/Letter Envelopes can be custom printed which makes them a perfect mailing piece and can generate a amazing response from target customers. Small and large businesses prefer crystal clear poly envelopes to distribute their brochures in the market whereas business letters and invitations for mailing are secured from any sort of damage using these envelopes.

Divergent colors and weight choices make #10 Brochure/Letter Envelopes more desirable. Crystal clear envelopes are more in demand due to content visibility, but companies like to experiment with interactive print as well, this makes clear envelopes appear more attractive with custom prints. These #10 envelopes have a clear front and back that makes content or photos viewable to the customers.

10 size printed envelopes with printed seals are a part of national postal service; therefore, companies rely more on the poly envelopes for sending their mailers. A #10 Brochure/Letter Envelope can either be seen inside your mailbox or is distributed among clients and customers during a promotional campaign having custom company imprints. Official letters and brochures can be posted in clear envelopes and for special company events, custom full-color printing is commonly used. #10 Brochure/Letter Envelope is a flawless mailing product that satisfies the needs of customers especially when it comes to durability and protection. The polypropylene made business-sized direct mail envelopes increase the life of photos, letters, and brochures and preserve paper quality. Call us today for a free sample of crystal clear or printed mailers!.

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