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How To Use A Job Ticket Holder for 5-S Organization

How To Use A Job Ticket Holder for 5-S Organization

Job Ticket HoldersWe’ve all been frustrated by losing things. “I just had it!” we lament, as we struggle to retrace our paths during the day. First the car, then the parking lot, work and home again. “Where is that thing?”

I wander from room to room through my house, searching for sunglasses, book, phone and so on. My irritation increases as each search yields zero results.

What’s next? The blame game. I usually start it by asking my husband, “Where did YOU put my …?” Remarks are then traded back and forth about getting older and more forgetful; or how I should use one of those around-the-neck lanyards to keep my glasses handy, and so on.

This doesn’t lead anywhere good.

“Where the heck are my keys?”

In her story in The New Yorker, “When Things Go Missing,” Kathryn Shulz states that “data from one insurance company survey suggests that the average person misplaces up to nine objects a day, which means that, by the time we turn sixty, we will have lost up to two hundred thousand things.”

According to CISION, the online PR Newswire blog, the average American spends 2.5 days each year looking for lost items. Collectively these items cost $2.7 billion to replace.

The other kind of “lost”

You’re familiar with this one, too. This “lost” happens when someone moves something to another place and forgets to let others in on the secret. This seems to happen a lot at work.

Clutter is the usually the culprit. When it takes over, people get upset because they have to look for something that’s not where it should be.

The result? They solve their own problem by relocating the item where they can find it, but no one else can. And the cycle is repeated again and again as different people hunt, find and replace items in the office.

But the larger issue still remains. If we could just cut out clutter, systematically organize what remains, and get everyone else on board with a single system, maybe we wouldn’t misplace and lose as much stuff.

5S System – A work and home organizational tool

5S is a Japanese-derived organizational system designed to keep the workplace neat, uncluttered, organized and safe. It focuses on putting everything where it belongs so people can work more efficiently.

In manufacturing, it provides the foundation for more advanced Lean improvement methods.  The steps are very simple and require few resources. 5S can be used at home, too.

The steps in the 5S process include:

Sort                 decide what you need and don’t need and remove as necessary

Straighten        orderly storage; easy to see and locate

Shine/Scrub    clean up dirt, spills; keep tools clean and in working order

Standardize     use visual cues to keep things consistent and in order

Sustain            establish and maintain responsibilities for keeping to the new order

Watch this video to see how one healthcare office used 5S to organize their workspace:


We don’t do windows!

While this blog can’t help you out with the first three steps, it will provide information on what to look for in quality job ticket holders, and how they can be used to sustain an organizational system in your workplace.

Standardize and sustain with PackZen job ticket holders

Call it what you like – ticket holder, shop ticket holder, welded ticket holder or vinyl envelope – this simple yet indispensable plastic holder is used primarily for manufacturing, warehousing, retail and distribution applications. They have many office uses, too.

Job ticket holders make urgent jobs prominent and help convey critical information. They keep contents clean and dry by protecting against dirt, grease and moisture, which is especially important in factories, workshops and garages.

Superior products manufactured to perform

The last thing any worker should have to worry about is not being able to read critical information for their job that’s posted on equipment and in dangerous areas. The consequences could be very serious. This could easily happen with ordinary plastic protectors that are likely to rip, allowing moisture inside and ruining critical information.

You won’t have this worry with PackZen job ticket holders. They’re made with a clear, heavy 6 mil polypropylene with a reinforced edging to provide extra strength and durability. There’s also a sturdy brass eyelet at the top for hanging.

Primary Colored Job Ticket Holders

PackZen job ticket holders stand out from the competition in how they’re manufactured and their appearance.  Their primary-colored edges make them a great choice for inventory control and bringing attention to important record storage.  

Primary colored job ticket holders are available in various colors and sizes that will fit many kinds of documents and sheets. Features include:

  • Top-loading for quick insertion and removal
  • Space for 9 x 12-inch documents, keys, locks or anything you need at your fingertips
  • Many custom options including full color printing and private labeling

Tips for use

v  Job instructions and accompanying photos

v  Production schedules and work orders

v  Materials handling

v  Inventory management

v  Quality control

v  Instruction manuals and maintenance logs

v  Just-In-Time (JIT) manufacturing processes

Ready to get started?

PackZen offers a variety of industrial office supply products to help keep your office and facility organized. Our products can be customized or privately labeled and are used by small and large companies alike. We can combine your ideas with our developmental expertise to create a product that is distinctly your own. Call today 877-749-2127.

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