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Exciting Interactive Mail

Say no to drab and dreary paper direct mail envelopes – try irresistible Interactive Poly Envelopes instead


Today’s consumers are a skeptical group. We’ve been bombarded with so many offers via our inboxes and phones that sometimes it’s hard to distinguish what’s real and what’s not. The result? We just tune out all the noise.

 But we still need to buy stuff. So who and what can we trust when we need information for making purchases?

 Marketing Sherpa wondered the same thing, so they asked 2400 consumers which type of advertising channels they trust for purchase information.

 The results were startling.

  • 76% of the consumers trust direct mail advertising when it comes to making a purchase decision.
  • And the top 5 most trusted marketing channels — print ads, tv and radio ads, ads/catalogs in the mail – are offline, more traditional media.

Even more surprising is that a whopping 79% of consumers find reading direct mail more convenient than going online.

How direct mail makes a connection

Why do consumers prefer direct mail over online methods? It’s pretty simple, really. Direct mail acts as a gentle tap on the shoulder delivered via your mailbox that online activities just can’t provide. 

Plus, most of us enjoy getting mail in our mailboxes. It’s fun to get a spa offer or golfing package sent right to your mailbox. We like the act of opening, touching, and reviewing mail.

Good direct mail marketing is personal, targeted, and has an emotional aspect that makes a lasting connection and impression.  

Good direct mail marketing is personal, targeted, and has an emotional aspect that makes a lasting connection and impression. Click To Tweet

Neuromarketing –  a new field that applies neuroscience to marketing – helps explain how this connection works. According to Wilde Agency Chief Creative Officer Nancy Harhut, “Research shows that consumers trust direct mail because of the unique way paper based advertising connects with the parts of the brain that control how we feel and remember things.”

Our brain processes it differently than digital advertising. It seems “more real,” so we trust it. In a world of hype and mistrust of media, that’s really saying something.


Since direct mail is such a trusted advertising medium, then making a great first impression becomes even more important. So it follows that the part of direct mail that’s seen first – the envelope – has to be pretty darn good to connect with and engage the recipient.

A direct mail envelope has to work hard to meet postal regulations, deliver contents securely, look good enough to get noticed, and finally, get opened.

However, getting a direct mail piece to stand out in the stack takes muscle – the fast-twitch kind.  Studies show that recipients take just eight seconds to form an impression about something they receive in the mail.

Make that eight seconds count. Imagine the connection you could make with an interactive, crystal clear poly envelope.

Deliver an experience with an interactive poly envelope

An EnvyPak clear poly direct mail envelope that’s been re-imagined to be interactive delivers an unexpectedly delightful new experience. The recipient engages automatically with a beautifully crafted, customized poly mailer that conveys a captivating message.

We like to call this our “ultimate experience” poly envelope because of the unique way it’s designed and manufactured.

Adding interaction to a clear EnvyPak poly envelope

Think about mailers you’ve received that have excited you and motivated you to buy. What caught your eye? Was it the shape of the envelope? Was it personalized with your name and a special offer?  Maybe it was the perfect offer for you, delivered at exactly the right moment.

  • Think about what you’re offering to your prospects and clients. Is it drab and dreary? Or does it entice recipients to open the envelope and explore a little more?

Interactive envelopes can make a direct mail campaign absolutely sizzle

Here’s how interaction works

1. An EnvyPak clear poly envelope is printed with visually exciting, full-color artwork.

(shown:  EnvyPak clear interactive envelope  printed on front and back sides)


2. The contents are also designed in full color to relate to the envelope.

(shown – insert sliding into the EnvyPak clear interactive  envelope)


3. With an EnvyPak clear interactive envelope, all you see is what shows through — the colorful insert or special offer. There’s no ugly paper label to distract the recipient’s attention.

  • The required postal addressing information is printed on the insert itself and shows through the other side of the clear EnvyPak envelope.

A magical clear envelope performance

When an EnvyPak clear interactive envelope is opened, the recipient takes an active part in making the action/movement happen. The mailer “changes” before their eyes.

A certain type of magic happens when the contents and envelope are designed to work together to create a unique, interactive experience.

This interactive “magic” simply cannot be delivered by other traditional direct mail envelopes.

clear envelopes

Give your direct mail some amazing capabilities

If you received an interactive envelope (like the ones shown in this blog), customized with color and movement, odds are you’d be curious and excited to see what’s inside.

Creating that little zing of excitement when someone reaches for a piece of direct mail is what gives a campaign magnitude, provides a connection and can lead to a better response.

Imagine what interaction could do for you!


About EnvyPak

EnvyPak, a division of Univenture, is based in Ohio, and manufactures the best-looking and best-performing clear polypropylene envelope and packaging products in the marketplace.  EnvyPak has been used by prestigious brands such as Mercedes-Benz, AT & T, PNC Bank, Target and others. or phone 877-835-3052. 

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