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EnvyPak® receives updated USPS automation letter rate approval – ALR Clear EnvyPaks approved for closure with Wafer Seals
posted 6/6/2022
Marysville, Ohio, May 17, 2022 – Big news for direct mail advertisers and the printers and mail houses that provide direct mail and marketing services. Univenture’s EnvyPak envelopes received wafer seal approval for automated letter rates. Advertisers love EnvyPak’s higher ROI and nearly guaranteed open rate of the direct mail envelope by consumers and businesses alike. Now with USPS wafer sealing approval, EnvyPak clear envelopes are compatible with a wider range of printer and mail house automation capabilities. The result is a reduction in postage and processing costs, opening the door to a wider marketing audience. Learn More

EnvyPak Offers Clear Packaging Products to Assist Industries Seeking to Manage the Impacts of COVID-19
posted 3/25/2019
MARYSVILLE OHIO – March 24, 2020 – EnvyPak, an Ohio based company that specializes in clear packaging solutions, announced that as an essential and critical manufacturing business, it is continuing to operate and support hospitals, testing laboratories, and other organizations by offering packaging components they need to fight and help control the spread of COVID-19. Learn More

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Auto-Insertable EnvyPak Clear Poly Envelopes Make Sense for Direct Mail
posted 6/25/2019
Dublin, Ohio – EnvyPak offers a clear poly direct mail envelope that provides creative flexibility, meets postal guidelines, and sails through inserting and processing equipment with flying colors. “This is great news for marketers who crave more attention and better results for their direct mail,” said Sean Bannon, Business Development Manager for EnvyPak. “What type of envelope you use plays a huge role in whether your mailer gets opened. A paper envelope has to elbow its way through the pile of paper lookalikes in a mailbox to even stand a chance of being opened.” Bannon cautions that lower-cost poly envelopes provide a bit more flexibility, but doing your research and knowing what you’re buying is key. “Most are made from 1.7 or 2.0 mil poly which may be too flimsy for insertion and mailing processes,” Bannon said. Learn More

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New USPS Ruling that Advances EnvyPak’s Automation Letter Rate Approval
posted 8/15/2018
Columbus, Ohio – EnvyPak received another new ruling from the United States Postal Service (USPS) that provides lower automation letter rates for a specially-formatted, polypropylene(poly) envelope that now does not require an affixed mailing label, can be sealed with glue applied by letter shops and is fully machine-insertable. Using this specially-formatted, Automation Letter Rate (ALR) clear poly envelope can yield up to 54.6% savings in postage, savings traditionally only attainable with paper envelopes. EnvyPak is the only clear plastic envelope that is machine insertable/sealable. It is also the only plastic envelope that qualifies for automation letter postage.” Learn More

USPS Ruling Reduces Clear Envelope Postage for Direct Mail Marketers
posted 3/26/2018
EnvyPak, America’s #1 Clear Envelope Manufacturer, announces an innovative, patent pending, clear plastic envelope format that can reduce postage for marketers by as much as 57%. EnvyPak recently received a monumental ruling from the United States Postal Service specific to this new clear envelope which utilizes EnvyPak’s proprietary manufacturing technology. The groundbreaking invention is the first clear plastic envelope to ever receive automation rates for letter size pieces with no surcharges. “This is a big deal, many clients will see hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual postal savings,” shares Sean Bannon, Business Development Manager.  Learn More

Smithsonian National Postal Museum Now Featuring EnvyPak
posted 11/14/2016
Mailing Industry Friends, a giving program designed to support the Smithsonian’s effort to tell the story of the mailing industry. The mailing industry is a conglomerate of organizations that can trace it’s history back 200 years. The industry works in partnership with the U.S. Postal Service to enable citizens and businesses to receive communications, goods, and services. The partnership is an incredible success story about the private sector and a government agency that work hand-in-hand to help the American public. The partnership has long been a secret until recently. The America’s Mailing Industry website began to tell that story.
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