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Environmentally Responsible Materials

Now, more than ever, it’s important to understand how each of us can use plastics more responsibly.

Every day, the seemingly small decisions we make to reuse, reduce and recycle can lead to a positive environmental impact over time.

Here at EnvyPak, we hope to make an impact by changing how we educate end users of our products about the responsible use of a practical, simple, everyday product: EnvyPak polypropylene envelopes.

Start with Eco-friendly Polypropylene

We manufacture EnvyPak crystal clear constructed envelopes and clear plastic packaging products from 100% recyclable polypropylene.

When you use an EnvyPak product, you can be confident knowing that that our polypropylene undergoes (PAT) Photographic Activity Testing by an independent laboratory to confirm that no harmful environmental reactions occur with their use.

Good stewardship of our poly products is about the responsible decisions we should make
after the product’s initial purpose has been fulfilled – what should we do next?

Reuse with EnvyPak

Polypropylene is an extremely strong, durable and recyclable material that is commonly used for archiving.

  • EnvyPak polypropylene envelopes and packaging are durable and made of inert materials, perfect for reuse as storage devices. This reduces material consumption and saves energy compared to one-time use and throw away alternatives.
  • Typical reuse examples for a pre-mailed EnvyPak envelope include storage for photos, coupons, small collectibles and receipts.

Reduce with EnvyPak

Reducing product packaging is environmentally responsible. EnvyPak poly envelopes reduce packaging and direct mail waste.

  • More effective use of material – When businesses use EnvyPak for flexible packaging, they’ve chosen a right-sized package that can be reused.  Large, unnecessary paper packages create extra waste and often aren’t required for many products. EnvyPak products are sized correctly to protect your important materials, and once received, can be used to store your documents indefinitely, eliminating unnecessary usage of additional storage products.
  • Greater impact – Because EnvyPak envelopes allow personalized content to show through, they create a more interactive, customer engaging experience than other formats. As a result, EnvyPak envelopes enable companies to be more effective with each mailing. According to a DMA (Direct Marketing Association) report, response rates for non-personalized mailings averaged about 2%, while personalized mailings earned an average response rate of 6%, an astounding increase of 300%.

Recycle with EnvyPak

EnvyPak Polypropylene envelopes are recyclable. Contact your local recycling facility for more information regarding recycling #5 polypropylene.