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Color Striped Job Ticket Holders Black

Job Ticket Holders


page protectors assorted


page protectors assorted


Holds up to 9″ x 12″ Documents

$20.75/Pack of 30
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Product Description:

Hazard, Warning, and Informational Color Striped Job Ticket Holders used best for display in the aisle, exits, restricted and hazardous areas, and equipment. Striped color codes, inspired by OSHA color combinations for barricade tape make these useful for additional document communication based on a hazard or information needing to be communicated more effectively by color-coding.

Making it easier to draw immediate attention to areas that accidents are possible, or dangerous and off-limit areas in many industrial locations. The Hazard, Warning, and Informational Color Striped Job Ticket Holders are a perfect choice. These pocketed holders include plenty of room for additional safety information regarding the area or source of danger including manuals, dated materials, safety instructions, and more. These Color Striped Job Ticket Holders are also useful in helping identify tools (such as Lock-out Tag-out) or other items that need extra attention.

Hazard, Warning, and Informational Color Striped Job Ticket Holders follow the OSHA color combination used for barricade tape, the holders are an additional way of communicating and storing documents that would help with any important communication warnings or storage of materials needed on the job.

Color choices include: 

  • Black/yellow for Physical Hazards.
  • Red/white for Fire Prevention and Protection Equipment.
  • Black/white for Housekeeping and Aisle ID.
  • Green/white for Safety and First Aid.
  • Blue/white for Defective Machinery.
  • Orange/white for Traffic and Caution Warnings.
  • Available in single color packs of 30

Hazard, Warning, and Informational Color Striped Job Ticket Holders are essential industrial supplies used for display and storage of important warnings and instructions. These crystal clear premium holders ensure your information included in the pockets is safe from harmful elements and guarantee high visibility. This product is the best pick for safety instructions, equipment manuals, registrations, and other information. All are specific to the area or equipment needing additional precaution postings, helping prevent serious harm or miscommunication.

The usage of Color Striped Job Ticket Holders is not limited to industrial only; in fact, office environments and school use of these products are very effective in the ability to communicate when safety is a concern. These multipurpose holders are perfect for the storage of documents and protection of a single sheet that will display an important message, manual, or instructions.

Color Striped Job Ticket Holders are available in various striped color codes to fit all kinds of documents and sheets. The color-coded striped edges ensure fit for a purpose and the eyelet attached at the top of the holders offers convenient hanging. They can hold up to 9.0 x 12.0-inch documents, and keys, or anything you need at your fingertips. Job Ticket Holders have hundreds of custom options including full-color printing and private labeling.  

The key features are:

  • Heavy 6 mil polypropylene material. Brass eyelet for hanging.
  • Top-loading for quick and easy paper insertion and removal of information.
  • Crystal clear appearance for high visibility. Dust, water, and tear-resistant.
  • Available in a variety of striped color codes, inspired by OSHA color combinations for barricade tape.
  • Made in the USA.

Product Specifications:
Flexo Print Pre-Press Guidelines

Box Quantity: 1 Pack of 30  
Color: Black
Material: 6.0 mil Polypropylene
Contents: Holds up to 9.0 x 12.0 documents and loose objects
Custom/Stock: Stock

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