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EnvyPak First in Series — “All About Clear Envelopes”

A Note From EnvyPak

Welcome to the first of four articles in our new series of posts called “All About Clear Envelopes.”

At EnvyPak, we believe knowledge is power. We’re ready to help you learn more about how clear poly envelopes can be creatively designed and constructed for outstanding results in direct mail campaigns.

This first post will show you exactly what a clear envelope is, how it functions, and how other brands have used it with outstanding results.

We’ll provide more details on EnvyPak’s four types of clear envelopes as we post new articles.


While it’s true that the volume of direct mail has gone down over the last ten years, direct mail is still alive and well.

Despite these smaller numbers, the value of direct mail remains undisputed. It’s performing better than ever, thanks to improved list segmentation and data based insights. And when it’s paired with a good house list, look out!  In this case, direct mail can earn a 5.1% response rate, a 54.55% increase over response rates since 2006. (source:  Mail Shark)   

Consider these facts from the Direct Marketing Association.

  • According to the USPS, 121.2B pieces of mail were received in US households in 2017*.
  • 42% of Americans read catalogs they receive in the mail.
  • A USPS Household Diary Study says 81% of households read or scan some or all of their advertising mail.
  • Over 100.7 million U.S. adults made a catalog purchase in 2016 (*Quad Graphics).

Direct mail still packs a powerful punch for both acquisition and retention efforts. The response rate for direct mail is 4.4% compared to 0.12% for email. This isn’t surprising when you consider that people receive an average of 121 emails per day. (HubSpot)

To open or not to open?


Direct mail works best when it’s used as part of an integrated marketing mix. The key is to make it creative, personal and well-targeted.

When it comes to direct mail ROI, a mailer’s open rate is affected by the envelope. Studies show that people use just eight seconds to form an impression about something they receive in the mail.

Would your current mailing envelope pass the 8-second test?

If not, and your ROI reflects this, it may be time to try a new approach.

Increase your odds for direct mail success

EnvyPak crystal clear envelopes are 100% recyclable polypropylene (poly) envelopes that provide a unique option for direct mail. They’re available in stock shapes and sizes, or they can be made completely custom.

A biodegradable version is also available. It’s 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable. This envelope biodegrades in a way that doesn’t produce toxic residue that’s harmful to living organisms on land or in water.

What is a 100% clear envelope?

A clear EnvyPak envelope is a fully constructed envelope that is open at one end, and welded on the sides and bottom.

It’s important to note that EnvyPak envelopes are not sheet-fed and sealed plastic bags or sleeves.

  • EnvyPak envelopes are individually constructed envelopes that are 100% clear on all sides and made from extremely durable 4.5 mil polypropylene.
  • They can be closed using a peel and stick strip; or they can be made resealable. Ungummed clear envelopes can be wafer sealed on hot-melt sealed at the time of insertion.
  • At high volumes, EnvyPak is the only clear envelope that can be machine inserted and closed with hotmelt glue.

Plus, an EnvyPak clear poly envelope can be custom printed using up to eight colors. Imagine the creative possibilities.

While it’s true you can expect to pay more for clear envelopes than for paper envelopes, their return on investment and response rates are far superior.

Click here to learn more about the features of an EnvyPak clear envelope

A clear mailing envelope creates magic

EnvyPak crystal clear mailing envelopes are specifically designed to enhance the envelope’s contents.

Here’s how.

A constructed crystal clear envelope adds extra sensory dimensions of touch and sight. A clear envelope feels and looks different. It immediately stands out from the mailbox paper clutter. The recipient can see what’s inside, and if it’s a creative piece with a compelling offer, you’ve piqued their interest.  

A clear envelope that interacts with contents, from front to back, gives your mailing “Wow!” power. This envelope, with your call to action, is a formula that increases the odds the recipient will take the next step — which is to open your mailer.

Simply put, print can “interact” with a clear envelope in ways that a paper envelope just can’t offer.

 Watch the video to see how print interacts with the EnvyPak clear envelope.

But don’t just take our word for it. The proof is in the results.

Read the EnvyPak success stories, below, to see how major players in the banking and telecommunications industries improved their direct mail ROI with the EnvyPak clear mailing envelope.

Direct Mail Success Story #1: Financial Acquisitions

The Challenge

A Top 5 financial institution sought to increase ROI tied to credit card acquisition mailings. Traditional direct mail packages were no longer yielding the desired results.

The Approach

The client tested an EnvyPak mailer against their traditional control package.

  • The mailer was designed so that print on the crystal-clear EnvyPak envelope would allow contents to show through unprinted areas.
  • This created a dimensional, interactive effect to maximize impact.
  • Production costs were minimized by machine inserting the unique, polypropylene envelope.

The Results

The initial test mailing of 230,000 pieces resulted in an increase of ROI over the previous paper envelope control package. It performed so well that EnvyPak is currently one of two alternating control packages.

  • The client has mailed over 6 million EnvyPak mailers over the past three and a half years and has additional mailings planned.
  • They continue to see higher response rates and ROI when compared to a variety of test packages over this time, including a full window paper envelope with identical graphics.

Direct Mail Success Story #2:  Telecommunications – Acquisitions and Trigger Based Mailings

The Challenge

A multi-service telecommunications corporation sought to increase response for their acquisition mailings. Results tied to targeted postcard mailings were no longer acceptable.

The Approach

The client ordered 225,000 EnvyPak mailers. They tested the control postcard against the same postcard inserted inside the clear unprinted EnvyPak. The EnvyPak envelope was also a good match to its corporate Green initiative.

The EnvyPak test package was machine inserted to meet a demanding production schedule, so it was considerably more expensive than the control postcard.

EnvyPak did not have the current USPS Automation Letter rate approvals it does now.

The Results

The EnvyPak postcard envelope mailing produced a significant lift in response compared to the control postcard. Additional costs were offset and overall ROI increased significantly.

As anticipated, the company’s weekly postcard mailings were completely phased out and replaced with the EnvyPak Mailer.

  • Additionally, the client conducted a successful test for a trigger-based program and transitioned it to EnvyPak.
  • Over 10 million EnvyPak packages were mailed over the 23-month period. During that time, EnvyPak beat every other mailer that was tested – even those that mailed at a much lower postage rate.

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Ready to start your own direct mail success story?

From development to delivery, EnvyPak has a full suite of optional services to give your product the “wow” factor it needs to succeed. We’ll work with you, from the early stages of design concept, all the way to the development of your direct mail project.

And if you need us for labeling, inserting and mailing, we can help there, too.

Contact EnvyPak

EnvyPak clear plastic envelopes are in stock now and custom sizes are available by request.

Call 877-835-3052 to speak to an EnvyPak representative and discover how your brand can benefit from custom touches and interaction.


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