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Clear Poly Envelopes

Clear Poly Envelopes

Fast and timely delivery of a direct mailer is important. Before an item is delivered to the customer, it should be secured and made appealing at the same time. Sending mail through clear poly envelopes isn’t a new practice but it sure is impactful and can provide you with a great ROI. Your mailers will get noticed and the information about your brand delivered to your target audience along with the product. Crystal clear poly envelopes by EnvyPak are the number one choice of companies dealing in automotive, medical, packaging services, logistics, pharmaceuticals, and many others. The variety of sizes and styles can add increased value to your mailing and make them a necessary part of the mailing industry.

Clear poly envelopes cover the entire item or document sent through the mail, covering it from all sides and providing an easy and quick closure for the insertion and removal of items. The visibility factor has increased its demand and created an ease for users. These envelopes instantly grab attention as the product is showcased completely for instant visibility!

Clear poly envelopes are in high demand due to their environmentally-friendly polypropylene material which can be recycled and is lightweight. The premium self-sealing envelopes are waterproof and are perfect for shipping important documents and papers to clients and customers. The high-strength material is also dirt and dust resistant and protects the contents from falling out due to its durable closure. Letter-size documents can be shipped and distributed in large-size envelopes and for the small samples and items small envelopes are considered ideal. The main purpose of these envelopes is to provide protection from components that could harm the originality and appearance of papers/items. Along with using them for official mails, office professionals also prefer poly envelopes for interdepartmental use and imperative data storage or for presentations.

The archival safe polypropylene made envelopes are prepared to fulfill the organizational and storage needs of users as well. The reusable envelopes identify any product quickly and are the best solution for holding letter-size documents and sheets to official meetings and presentations. These quality envelopes serve various purposes as they can accommodate many materials of different shapes and sizes. Clear envelopes are ideal for everyday use and for displaying documents, photos, products, or for archiving. These envelopes are an integral part of trade and marketing due to their clear appearance and strong construction.

Our small envelope is spacious enough for booklets, bills, receipts, and cards. Moreover, clothes, jewelry, small equipment, and electronic parts are also saved inside envelopes and delivered to the customers. The see-through construction makes sure that the product remains in the excellent condition whereas to add an appeal to it, custom printing with logos, signs, pictures, and content can be done. The acid-free envelopes save photos and artwork from fading away and also shield them from weather changes and effects.

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