Clear Office Products

Page Protectors

Page Protectors

EnvyPak offers competitive wholesale pricing, plentiful variety, and custom capabilities for items such as archival page protectors.

  • Premium page protectors with three different thicknesses in stock
  • 100% polypropylene certified archival-safe by the Image Permanence Institute
  • Branding and private labeling available

Document Holders

Document Holders

Document holders provide a cost-effective means of personalizing reports and presentations. The clear polypropylene cover is durable enough to stand up to reuse after reuse.

  • A slim, superior alternative to the traditional paper folder
  • Add a logo to bring some panache to presentation materials and reports
  • Durable design with openings to easily replace cover pages

Adhesive Pockets

Adhesive Pockets

Adhesive pockets and sleeves make it easy to peel-and-stick your collateral, business cards, or discs on just about any flat surface. Go custom for your choice of size, material, adhesive, and full-color print.

  • Popular stock sizes including for 3” x 5” cards, 8 ½” x 11” pages, and business cards
  • Easy-to-use peel-and-stick backing featuring a permanent adhesive
  • Options such as full-color print, branding and private labeling (see section below)

Retail Packaging Display Pockets

Retail Packaging

Our flexible but durable retail pockets are designed to look great for the whole life of your product – not just the shelf life. These pockets include hang tabs for convenient retail display.

  • In stock and in bulk in ten different sizes
  • Flexible but durable 3.5 mil polypropylene holds up to long-term product use
  • Available with custom sizing and/or full-color print for your product


Photographic Activity Tests (PAT) were conducted by an independent laboratory which confirmed that EnvyPak can safely store important documents and photos without producing harmful chemical reactions that can damage the documents.

Customization Options

Our products are always in stock in our most popular configurations – but if you need something special, we’re the manufacturers who can make your vision a reality.

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