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The list below represents both manufacturers of equipment and process types that can effectively auto insert many types of mailers available in the marketplace.We at EnvyPak are very proud to provide this list as a resource for our clients when specifying their direct mail projects through their service providers; or as a service provider looking for automated solutions, we work closely with printers and letter shops to ensure that our product will provide the right solution.

• Pittney Bowes Flowmaster
• Bell + Howell
• Neo Post
• Buhrs
• Kirk Rudy
• Swing Arm Styles

Shop Clear Envelopes SKU Unit Price Box Price Box Qty
Letter Envelope – 9.5″ x 4.19″ 13382 $0.108 $118.99 1000
Booklet Envelope – 6″ x 9.5″ 13443 $0.164 $164.00 1000
Catalog Envelope – 9″ x 12″ 13044 $0.254 $127.00 500
Bio-Poly Catalog Envelope – 9″ x 12″ 13876 $0.281 $140.50 500
EnvyPak brand auto-insertable crystal clear envelopes are specified and used by some of the world’s largest brands for standard direct mail and loyalty campaigns.
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9.5″ x 4.19″ Auto-Insertable
Letter Envelope

6″ x 9.5″ Auto-Insertable
Booklet Envelope

9″ x 12″ Auto-Insertable
Catalog Envelope

9″ x 12″ Bio-Poly
Catalog Envelope

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The key to any direct mail campaign is results demonstrating a good response rate. Getting the recipient’s attention with crystal clear envelopes will enhance the contents and invite the customer to open the envelope.

It is critical to choose the right mailer format as part of the total package. It may not be the most important part of your campaign, but it is what always gets noticed first.

Recipients will look at a direct mail package for its overall look and feel to capture professionalize at first glance. Is it eye-catching and does it draw their attention? How is it interesting and what compels them to open or even keep the mail piece? Is it creative, fun and exciting? Is the mail envelope convincing enough to open and result in the intended response?

Our 100% polypropylene envelopes are specially designed with no tape to maximize their compatibility in “stuffing” equipment found at print facilities and letter shops. EnvyPak envelopes are certified and tested for use in insertion equipment by major manufacturers such as Pitney-Bowes and Bell & Howell.

EnvyPak auto-insertable crystal clear envelopes will create a first impression that piques interest by standing out from the rest. After the call to action, the element of a direct mail piece that matters most for response is the outer envelope.


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