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Case Study: Automotive End-of-Lease Direct Mail Program

The Challenge

It’s much easier to retain existing customers than it is to convert new prospects. That’s no secret and it holds true for automotive manufacturers.

In 2018 a top manufacturer sought to increase lease consumer loyalty. Testing revealed personalized communications are key. The manufacturer’s agency sought a premium direct mail solution to communicate custom tailored lease-end incentives, deadlines, and next steps. Striking images of the newer, better version of the customer’s current vehicle model and color would be instantly visible at the mailbox.

A variable printed envelope was not a viable option as dozens of versions would be required. Additionally, printed envelopes could become outdated very quickly as model years change. Clear polybags are not machine insertable, would increase postage, and did not provide a premium look and feel to match branding standards.

A self-mailer with variable print could accomplish their goals. That said, the mailer would not arrive in pristine condition due to the wear and tear of the postal stream. Fugitive glue or wafer seals are required to seal self-mailers which did not match branding standards.

The Approach

In December of 2018 the agency tested EnvyPak’s crystal clear ALR (automation letter rate) envelopes. EnvyPak’s 4.5 mil double polished polypropylene has a high-end look and feel. It was specifically designed to withstand the demands of USPS automated processing.

The Results

EnvyPak clear envelopes were the perfect solution. The newer, better version of the customer’s current model and color were printed on the insert and instantly visible at the mailbox. EnvyPak’s crystal clear, double polished poly enhances insert graphics.

Multiple envelope versions are not required which simplified program logistics.Additionally, they are able to test different versions and change messaging on a weekly basis. The overall approach could be modified quickly during times of rapid change like the recent pandemic.

EnvyPak is the only machine insertable crystal clear envelope. Machine inserting provides scalability during peak times and reduces production costs substantially.

The manufacturer has mailed nearly 4 million EnvyPak envelopes over a 3-year period. The program is ongoing with plans to continue indefinitely.

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