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Automation Letter Rate approval

clear envelopesIt’s time for some envelope education!

Why you should care about EnvyPak’s new USPS Automation Letter Rate approval

In our last blog, we discussed how direct mail is still a star performer in a multi-channel marketing mix.  It’s a $12 billion industry that’s relatively stable and should remain so for the next five years. Matter of fact, the marketing services firm Epsilon found half of Americans actually prefer direct mail to email. According to the same study, 25% find it “more trustworthy.” IBIS World 

Details, details!

If you’re in the business of helping other companies manage their direct mail programs (or creating and sending your own) you know how critical the execution details are. Worrying about these critical issues can keep even a seasoned marketer awake at night.

  • Will your mailing arrive quickly and to the right place?
  • Is it compelling enough to stand out and get opened?
  • Where should the label go?  How should it be printed?
  • How should the mailer be sealed?
  • What material should I use to produce my mailer?
  • What are mailer size restrictions?
  • Am I spending more than I should on postage?

What if you knew how to reduce postage, increase ROI and get rid of unsightly paper address labels – all at the same time? This blog will give you information about how specially-formatted clear plastic envelopes can do just that and where to go  for more questions.

Let’s hear from the clear mailing envelope expert

I recently spoke with Sean Bannon, Business Development Manager for EnvyPak in Marysville, Ohio, to talk about the company’s latest clear envelope innovations. EnvyPak is the only clear plastic envelope that is machine insertable and/or sealable. It is also the only plastic envelope that qualifies for automation letter postage. The company received a new ruling from The United States Postal Service (USPS) that provides lower automated letter rates for a specially-formatted, polypropylene (poly) envelope. “Our latest USPS rulings drastically lower the overall cost to mail and fulfill EnvyPak envelopes. This opens doors for marketers large and small to mail a unique,   high-impact clear envelope that drives response,” Bannon said. The new Automation Letter Rate (ALR) is great news for lettershops, direct mail companies and anyone who plans and executes direct mail for other companies. According to Bannon, “Using this specially-formatted ALR poly envelope can yield up to 52% savings in postage, savings traditionally only attainable with paper envelopes.”

More great news

EnvyPak’s clear polypropylene (poly) envelopes are now fully automatable in every respect. Clients can print the address and barcode directly on their insert to show through the clear envelope. As a result, those who design the envelope can be more creative with the insert and envelope design. Click here for details on the new EnvyPak postage ruling: Additional benefits of using the new EnvyPak clear poly mailer include:

  1. It does not require an affixed mailing label
  2. It can be sealed with glue applied by lettershops
  3. It’s fully machine-insertable
  4. Envelopes are curbside recyclable and made in Marysville, OH

USPS ruling specifications – What you need to know

The new ruling does come with some requirements. A few are listed below. To see the complete list, click here:

  • Height between 4” – 6”
  • Length between 8” – 10.5”
  • EnvyPak smooth anti-reflective polypropylene required on address panel side
  • Address and IMB (Intelligent Mail Barcode) can be printed on insert to show through the anti-reflective polypropylene
  • 11/16″ paper strip pre-affixed to address panel side of EnvyPak
    • Paper strip runs flush with bottom and along entire length of EnvyPak
    • EnvyPak that is less than 6″ tall – paper strip must be on large web
  • Maximum clear gap = 0.2″
  • Maximum Clear gap of 0.2” (clear gap occurs when insert inside envelope shifts to the right inside of an envelope and it is possible to  “see straight through” both sides of the envelope
  • If you have questions, EnvyPak can supply a free test kit.

Endless Creative Possibilities

A far cry from their stodgy paper counterparts, EnvyPak clear plastic envelope mailers present many interactive, creative possibilities. Customers can print envelopes with single to full-color graphics designed to “interact” with the inserted contents. Additionally, the envelopes can be closed either using “peel and stick” or by a letter shop with hot melt glue. Special coatings and custom shapes and sizes are also available, as well as stock sizes. The result? A  high-impact, interactive direct mail piece that gets opened and can increase a small or large businesses’ return on marketing investment.

Plan wisely

If you’re planning a direct mail project – whether large or small – work with a reliable partner who is expert in the printing and mailing of clear poly mailers. EnvyPak uses easy and economical custom manufacturing to get exactly the product configuration you need – in size, material and closure style.

For information

EnvyPak clear plastic envelopes are in stock now and custom sizes are available by request. Call 877-835-3052 to speak to an EnvyPak representative and discover how your brand can benefit from custom touches and interaction.

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