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Medical Packaging

Medical Packaging

Importance of Medical Device Packaging

medical packageMedical device packaging is as equally important as the packaging of other products according to the survey’s report conducted in 2015. This year, HealthPack has focused on an exclusive survey that emphasizes the importance of package design. Not every packaging manufacturer offers Industry specific packaging service; there are only a few top manufacturers in the Packaging Industry that focus on development and design at the same time.
EnvyPak is a leading specialty packaging provider that has made a great impact in the medical packaging market. They have been serving Medical Industries by working with talented teams of engineers and designers. To create reliable, attractive, and secure packaging for medical products EnvyPak offers various packaging services and specialty packaging.

The main purpose of designing medical device packaging is to meet patient’s’ needs. Moreover, the manufacturers must also take into account the regulatory and FDA requirements, complete sterilization process, and testing procedures. Jennifer Goff, CPP, Associate Manager, Packaging R&D, emphasized on paying attention on the packaging beyond medical equipments and discussed the need of a team who could research on the retail packaging including medical devices, food products, cosmetic items, etc, to determine the appealing elements that could be included to the medical packaging devices.

It is significant to incorporate customers’ needs to medical devices packaging. Once the use of a particular medical device is determined, it becomes easier to design a product as per user’s needs. Some of the common mistakes during device packaging are inappropriately sealed packages, faultily labeled packages and unsealed packaging. One remedy to all these errors could be an automated pouch sealer.

medical packaging glovesSencorpWhite in June 2015, at MD&M, will be updating potential customers about the latest APM12 Automate Pouch Sealer. This system features will be comprised of seal inspection, labeling, print and apply, RFIP, pouch printing, as well as bar coding. APM12 system is relatively faster that the manual fed processes, as it finishes 12 pouches per minute. It can even use seal packaging technology from PTI to scan sealed pouches or also crease down to 1mm. The automated system is considered to be the best sealed­ packaging for medical devices or even for other industry specific packaging. For more information on Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News please go to

EnvyPak understands the requirements of medical devices packaging and, therefore, offers private labeled packaging, adhesive packaging – customized packaging, and clear specialty packaging. EnvyPak packaging is ideal for medical equipment and devices and also appeals the customers due to its precision, protection, customized sealed packaging and long lasting quality.

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