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Automation Letter Rate – FAQ’s

Refer to USPS Case Number 91355

USPS Ruling Specifications

  • Height between 4″ – 6″
  • Length between 8″ – 10.5″
  • 11/16″ paper strip pre-affixed to address panel side of EnvyPak
    • Paper strip runs flush with bottom and along entire length of EnvyPak
    • EnvyPak affixes inline as envelope is manufactured
  • Requires EnvyPak Smooth Anti-Reflective Polypropylene on address panel side only
    • Address and IMB can be printed on insert to show through the anti-reflective polypropylene
  • EnvyPak that is less than 6″ tall – paper strip must be on large web
  • No ancillary endorsements
  • If mailed 1st Class, STID (Service Type Identifier) must be coded to waste (260 or 270)
  • Recommended minimum weight of insert = 80# cover
  • Clear gap requirements
    • Option 1: Printed Side Seam (print over top of weld) – Maximum clear gap between the inside of side seam and the edge of insert = 0.2″
    • Option 2: Clear Side Seam (no print on weld) – Envelope printed on one side to prevent a clear gap. NO clear gap is allowed.

What does “Clear Gap” mean?

  • A clear gap occurs when it is possible to see straight through both sides of the sealed envelope
  • When the insert shifts left to right inside the envelope a clear gap occurs if the leading and trailing edges are clear/unprinted on both sides of the envelope.

Why is the 11/16″ paper strip required at the bottom of the EnvyPak?

  • This paper strip is required so the USPS can inkjet a new barcode on this strip in the event that the address label IMB cannot be scanned during USPS sorting.

Is the EnvyPak machine insertable?

  • Yes, most letter shops can machine insert EnvyPak envelopes. Free test kits are available upon request.
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