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A closer look at clear adhesive pockets

A closer look at clear adhesive pockets

Self-adhesive pockets probably aren’t one of those items that top your list of most thought-about office supplies.

Maybe they should be. They’re surprisingly useful.

Once we apply adhesive to a polypropylene we have a sticky super-organizer, the self-adhesive clear pocket.

They’re simple, handy organizers for items that need a little more attention,
such as labels, prices, business cards, and instructions.

Peel and stick pockets make it easy to add information to point of purchase displays, storage bins, inventory, retail racks, and school file folders. In fact, pockets like these are used every day to add a disk or CD to a folder, a service card to a refrigerator, a sign to a wall or window, a pocket to a file folder, or an instruction manual to an appliance.

  • Clear poly adhesive pockets also act as protective packaging that safely stores documents, photos, or other small items so they’re guarded from moisture, dirt, and damage from the elements.
  • Durable, flexible, functional and reusable, clear adhesive pockets feature an array of shapes, sizes and can be made just about any way you specify.

What’s not to love?

The way back on adhesive pockets

Would it surprise you to learn that adhesives, in a primitive form, were first found in the Middle Stone Age? Evidence was discovered 200,000 years ago in Italy when two pieces of stone showed evidence of birch-bark tar that had bound them together. South Americans took it up a notch and developed the first two-part adhesive, made of plant gum and red ochre, to stick a 70,000-year-old stone segment together.

Think of all the products we take for granted today that need adhesives to work – bandages, wallpaper, stickers, stamps, floor tile.

And add this one to the list, too – self-stick clear adhesive pockets.

Shown above: A CD pocket added to a booklet.

How does an adhesive pocket work?

An adhesive is a substance that sticks two materials together. Self-adhesive pockets are often categorized by how they form that bond between materials (also referred to as substrates) and how securely they hold the two items together.

There are many common types of adhesives, used or specific purposes and products. EnvyPak adhesive products use pressure-sensitive adhesive. This thin, flexible material is applied with a single or double-side coating and can be used on thinner and lighter materials.

  • This flexible and sticky adhesive forms a bond when it is pressed on to a material and when pressure is applied.
  • It bonds quickly, stays put at room temperature and can stick even to dissimilar items.

It’s most commonly used for many common products such as stickers, product labels, household tape, and self-adhesive bandages.

clear adhesive pockets

Tip: Pressure-sensitive adhesives, also known as self-stick or self-adhesives, don’t need heat or a dissolvent like water to stick. Just make sure the surface you’re applying it to is clean and dry before you place and press.

Uses galore! Peel and stick pockets

Think of clear adhesive pockets as your sticky, go-to document holder.

Clear EnvyPak adhesive pockets are outstandingly adaptable for all sorts of applications.

  • Signs and notices
  • Labels for brochures, files, folders, boxes
  • Package/shipping instructions
  • Warehouse bin labels
  • Prices
  • Photos
  • Product warranty information
  • Warehousing – labels, pricing, directions, safety instructions
  • Product labeling
  • Shipping/packing
  • Promotional – add to retail and trade show displays

packaging solutions using clear envelopes

Shown: A custom size EnvyPak envelope backed with two-sided adhesive strips
holds a temporary license tag.

packaging solutions using clear envelopes

Shown: A clear adhesive pocket holds paint samples.

The made to order magic of peel and stick pockets

In addition to their many uses, adhesive pockets can be customized for just about any unique requirement a particular industry requires.

Adhesive sleeves come in many shapes and sizes. You can include a flap or add color and optional decorative touches.

If you’re feeling creative and want your adhesive pocket to reflect your brand by making a colorful statement, here are a few options:

  • Add multiple pockets to a single adhesive pocket
  • EnvyPak adhesive pockets are manufactured with either 3.5 or 4.5 mil poly that’s strong and durable, long-lasting for whatever’s inside.
  • Print in full or spot color directly on the pocket – add a colorful logo, artwork for a one of a kind look
  • Choose the level of adherence you need. Select a specialty adhesive that is easy to remove or a stronger adhesive that works on all surfaces.

Click here to view EnvyPak adhesive pocket sizes

clear adhesive pockets

Adhesive pocket materials

EnvyPak’s biodegradable poly is synthesized with EBD (enhanced bio decompositions) to create a minimally harmful polymer virtually indistinguishable in usage from standard polypropylene. As it breaks down, biodegradable poly film materials do not produce any toxic residue that’s harmful to living organisms on land or in water.

This film remains stable in the warehouse, store shelves in offices and homes. Biodegradable poly is still economical, costing about 10% more than standard polypropylene.

Read more about EnvyPak’s biodegradable polypropylene here.


Self-adhesive poly pockets are so simple, yet such a handy organizer for things that need a little more attention. Durable, flexible, functional and reusable, EnvyPak adhesive pockets come in an array of shapes, sizes and can be made just about the way you specify. Contact us today for samples and information.

Email or call 877-835-3052 to speak to an EnvyPak representative and discover how your brand can benefit from EnvyPak’s custom touches.

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