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  • 76% of the consumers trust direct mail advertising

    Exciting Interactive Mail

    By on July 3, 2019

    Say no to drab and dreary paper direct mail envelopes – try irresistible Interactive Poly Envelopes instead Today’s consumers are a skeptical group. We’ve been bombarded with so many offers via our inboxes and phones that sometimes it’s hard to distinguish what’s real and what’s not. The result? We just tune out all the noise.  But we still need to

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  • back to school

    School Supplies for Paper Organization

    By on July 2, 2019

    Before the bell rings, stock up on EnvyPak School Supplies for Paper Organization Organization – love it or hate it, we need it for our sanity.Our lives get too messy and complicated without some type of structure and routine. The same is true for going back to school. Organization provides a framework for student learning and for teachers to accomplish objectives.   

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